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  Waratah Rivulet - Environmental Vandalism  

The impact of longwall coal mining subsidence on a river system.

Waratah Rivulet is a stream that is located just to the west of Helensburgh and flows into the Woronora Dam from the south. Along with its tributaries, it makes up about 29% of the Dam catchment. The Dam provides both the Sutherland Shire and Helensburgh with drinking water.

  Cataract River -
Pollution from longwall coal mining

In the mid 90's the Cataract River flow totally disappeared into the cracking in the river bed to a depth of some 500 metres into the mine workings. Methane and ethane gasses were expelled from the ground measuring up to 20 litres per second in some areas. TV reports showed at the time that the gas was sufficient to BBQ sausages on.

  Wallarah 2 Coal Project - Stateline Movie Clip  

The Australian Coal Alliance's short film on the impart of the Wallarah 2 Coal Project on the Central Coast water catchment as seen on Stateline on the ABC.


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